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Tag: historical memorabilia

Vox Pop w/Ray Graf – May 21st, 2019

On a recent episode of Vox Pop with Ray Graf, Mark Lawson of Mark Lawson Antiques and Ray entertain digging up Abraham Lincoln, debate the merits of car salesmen, and learn how to use Google for everything. You can listen to the full recording HERE to follow along with the time stamps below.  RARE BEATLES ALBUM We had another great radio call-in session with Ray Graf over at WAMC on the VoxPop...

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History & Horses at the Saratoga Racetrack

Today marks the opening day of the 153rd season at the Saratoga Race Course, the third oldest racetrack in the United States. Saratoga Springs was the summer spot during the heights of the Gilded Age, the ultimate 19th century destination where the wealthy elite would gather to dance, socialize, and gamble at the Saratoga Racetrack or at the elegant Canfield Casino in Congress Park. The elegant...

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Native American “Wild West” Show Beaded Costume Jacket

Today’s spotlight is on an early twentieth century piece of  Western American History. Recently we took a look at the authentic Native American jacket we found at the Malden Bridge Community Center Appraisal Day event. The jacket is characterized by intricate beading and design. Though the history of this garment is still speculative, the original owners believe that it was crafted by Plains Indians...

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Rare Revolutionary War Document Sells at Auction

  Have you ever dreamed about finding a piece of history? This 238 year old history-making pamphlet was saved from the trash by one very lucky Albany family; this rare copy of Thomas Paine’s iconic Revolutionary War pamphlet “The American Crisis” sold at auction for $100,000 on November 25th. This important document was the headlining lot at Swann Galleries Printed and Manuscript...

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Rare Thomas Paine Document at Auction Today

Today is the big day for the lucky Albany family – the Revolutionary War pamphlet that they almost threw in the dumpster hits the auction block this afternoon in New York City. Thomas Paine’s “The American Crisis” which begins with the words “These are the times that try men’s souls..” provided the inspiration to the demoralized Continental Army in the winter...

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Firefighting Antiques and Memorabilia

In 2006, we had an interesting example of antique firefighting memorabilia—an 1866 sterling silver presentation fire trumpet or fire horn with an engraved inscription from the Saratoga Springs Fire Department. The common examples of fire trumpets were used to warn oncoming traffic out of the path of the fire engines. Sterling silver and silver plated versions of the horns would sometimes be presented...

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