Flatware & Hollowware

Handed down for generations, flatware & hollowware made from sterling silver remain striking and desirable. Hollowware bowls, candelabra, epergnes, cups, serving pieces and centerpieces are always in demand, as are flatware, tableware and trays.

We pay the highest value for sterling silver items based on the current daily spot price. We will even pay a premium above the silver content value for high-quality silver pieces that are examples of exceptional workmanship, design or history.

What Do You Have?

Usually, sterling silver pieces are marked “925” or “sterling,” but that’s not always true. Our experts can quickly and accurately evaluate your items. We are most interested in:

Antique Sheffield Tea Set Coffee Service: Flatware & HollowwareAntique Engraved Sterling Silver Pitcher: Flatware & HollowwareAntique Sterling Silver Creamer

Antique Towle Sterling Silver Goblet Set

Antique Engraved Sterling Silver Napkin Rings: Flatware & Hollowware




Antique Cased Sterling Silver Flatware Serving Set


Antique Coin Silver Medallion Head Spoons

Antique Sterling Silver Nut Dish