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Sell Scrap Gold Party

Gold Parties

Gold parties provide an enjoyable evening with friends and an easy way to make extra money for yourselves or your favorite charity by trading in your scrap gold or scrap silver for cash.

How It Works

  • Visit our Scrap Gold page to learn about the items we buy and how we determine our prices.
  • Contact us to book your party date and time with our professional team.
  • Invite about 8 to 10 of your friends (or more) to bring their unwanted jewelry or antiques. We’ll provide the invitations!
  • Provide us with a well-lit area where we can set up our evaluating equipment. Keep the drinks and snacks flowing for your friends and enjoy yourself!
  • Our experts will test your guests’ items for purity and weight with industry-standard equipment in full view of the party. If your guests decide to sell their items, we’ll write them a check for the full value on the spot.
  • As the host, you’ll earn 10% of the party’s sales. That’s $400 on a $4,000 party. Earn a referral commission of 3% of the party’s sales if you refer a gold party to us or if one of your guests hosts a party of their own.
  • If your party is a fundraiser for a charitable cause, we will match attendees’ donations up to donating all of our profits from the party.

Why Invite Us to Your Gold Party?

  • We pay 30% more than our nearest competitor. That’s $3,000 on a $10,000 event.
  • We pay more than the scrap price for gold and silver items of exceptional craftsmanship, beauty and design.
  • We have the expertise to accurately evaluate all items brought to your party, even beyond precious metals.
  • We are based in the Capital Region and our proceeds stay in this area.
  • We make the event simple for you. Contact us to learn more.