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antique decorative arts

Antique Decorative Objects

Mark Lawson Antiques specializes in antique decorative arts. The market is currently strong for both American & European decorative arts & furnishings from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. For thousands of years, collectors have attached high value to fine art in all of its forms. Antique decorative arts include fine art, art pottery & porcelain, rugs, textiles, fine furniture, oriental and decorative furnishings.  We evaluate and buy these items in both our Saratoga NY and Albany NY offices.

Industrial expansion and interest in older items by China’s burgeoning upper middle class have made oriental antiques from the region valuable in the marketplace. Popular Chinese antiques include porcelain, cloisonne enamel, jade objects & jewelry, embroideries, textiles, and rugs.

Rugs & textiles represent cultures and time periods in a way that few other items can. Fine quality rugs from the Middle East and the Orient have continued to be in fashion. The quality of an antique rug or textile is greatly determined by the type of fiber in the weaving, the dye used to color and the overall structure used to weave the object. Natural dyes and fibers are almost always more collectible verses modern synthetic dyes and fibers. Learn more here about the value of rugs and textiles.

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Antique Painted Porcelain Blue & White Chinese Punch Bowl
Antique 19th Century Emerald Green Cut Glass Bronze Dore Decorative Chest
Antique Woven Middle Eastern Wool Rug