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Rare Collectibles & Antiques

Rare Collectibles

Rare Collectibles & antiques include a vast amount of objects. Historical memorabilia, antique toys and advertising items are only a few examples that highlight this large umbrella of a category called rare collectibles.

Historical memorabilia collectors prize the romance attached to autographs, printed broadsides and objects associated with historical events and figures.

Patent models, advertising displays and signs bring to mind memories of times gone by. Mark Lawson Antiques has experience in advertising, promotional items & bottles. Read more

Vintage and antique toys are sought after by collectors who want to recapture their childhood days.

You can see a trend forming, if an object evokes a memory or an emotion it will be collected. As generations grow and change, the collected objects change too. What will you want in twenty years?

Recently about Rare Collectibles:

“We always enjoy seeing antique cast iron doorstops come in– there is a very wide variety of motifs, which makes for decorative and useful addition to any home. Cast iron doorstops are heavy, hard-wearing, and often very charming. The casting process allowed the master craftsmen to create an array of whimsical, varied designs….

The condition of the original painted surface is important to the value of an antique doorstop. The more of the original painted surface that remains, the better. As with so many antiques and collectibles, a damaged or chipped original painted surface is more desirable than one that has been beautifully repainted and fixed up in modern times.” Read More…

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