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American Waltham 14K Gold Hunter Case Pocket Watch Corum US $20 Liberty Gold Coin Wristwatch C1900 French Floral Enamel Rose 18K Gold Ladies Pendant Watch


Collectors have a persistent interest in fine wristwatches & pocket watches, especially those with solid 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold or platinum cases. We purchase all types of pocket watches and wrist watches including high-grade antique pocket watches with special functions (called complications) such as a repeating function (chime the time when no light available), stop watch,  or moon phase indicators. Some of the makers of this type of watch were Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Henri Capt, and Vacheron Constantin. There are also very desirable wrist watches with complicated movements by many of the same companies. Another type of desirable pocket watches are railroad-grade pocket watches made in America by makers such as Howard, Illinois, Hamilton, Waltham and Egin. These were made to exacting standards nd are the pinnacle of 19th century technology. We are interested in seeing all qualities and types of American and Swiss pocket watches and wrist watches. Elgin pocket watches and wrist watches, Hamilton pocket watches and wrist watches, Illinois pocket watches and wrist watches, Waltham pocket watches and wrist watches are some of the American makers that we see often.  Accessories like antique pocket watch chains and fobs are also collectible and sought after, we look for those as well.

Antique Fobs and Chains

Antique watch fobs are small accessories that were added to the chains of pocket watches for  personal flair and style, often themselves on short chains or ribbons.  One common type of pocket watch fob was a personal seal on a ribbon, used for the wax on personal correspondences.  Other common watch fobs include compasses, gemstones, miniature sculptures, and small pocket knives.  Pocket watch chains varied widely in link style, length, and chain thickness, usually based on whether they were meant for women’s pocket watches or men’s pocket watches.  These antique pocket watch chains were often made from gold fill, which helps them retain value even though a pocket watch chain is no longer a common accessory, and even if the gold pocket watch chain is damaged or broken.

Vintage Wristwatches

We buy vintage and antique wrist watches, especially those from popular makers or with gold cases.  Included are Rolex watches, Cartier Watches, Patek Phillipe watches, Breguet Watches, Elgin wrist watches, Waltham wrist watches, Bulova wrist watches, and other popular Swiss and American vintage wrist watch brands.  Better quality and desirable vintage wristwatches were also commonly made with gold or platinum, helping them to hold good value.  As with most items, these watches become more valuable if they are associated with a well known person or a famous historical event.

We buy all of the above items in both our Saratoga NY and Albany NY offices.  To make an appointment to discuss your watch, contact us today.

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