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selling to Mark Lawson Antiques

Selling to Us

Here is what to expect when selling antiques to Mark Lawson Antiques:

As the largest antique buyers in the Capital Region, serving Troy, Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady, and beyond, we are bonded, insured and normally able to pay far more than you may be offered at other antique shops for your valuable items. Our goal is to find an appreciative home for your treasures with the best possible returns through our:

  • Cataloged antique, fine art and rare collectibles live auctions
  • Established network of relationships with the foremost collectors in the world
  • Professional associations with the world’s largest auction houses

How to Sell Your Items

When you’re looking to sell antiques, we are happy to provide free, private, purchase evaluations by appointment at our Saratoga location.  If an item or collection of items is too large to transport, we may even be able to schedule a home visit. To get started, please:

  • Contact us and provide a few photos of your items
  • Call us at 518-587-8787 during the day, Monday through Friday

 If there is an immediate market for an item, we may offer to purchase it outright. We may offer to take an item to sell on consignment if it is valued at $2,000 or more.

What We Buy

Browse the pages listed in the dropdown menu above to learn more about the many types of antiques and wonderful objects that interest us. Some of the most desirable categories in today’s market are coins, diamonds, scrap gold and gold jewelry.

Because Mark has been studying and collecting coins since 1966, you should come see us if you are considering selling coin collections, selling gold coins, selling silver coins or selling bullion coins. If you’re selling currency, we can also help. We will accurately grade and purchase United States and foreign gold and silver coins and currency for the best professional price. Are you selling certified coins from NGC or PCGS? We provide the highest professional prices possible. Whatever the size of your holdings, a single coin or a large coin collection, contact us for an appointment when you are ready to sell. If your circumstances warrant, one of our specialists will travel to your home or bank for evaluation and purchase.

We know and love Diamonds! If you are selling diamond jewelry or selling diamonds, we buy diamonds of all types and qualities whether in settings, loose or damaged. We are certified in Diamond Grading from the GIA and will accurately grade and give you top professional prices. We are especially interested in fine diamonds from under 1 carat to over 10 carats, including yellow diamonds and other natural colored diamonds. Are you selling damaged diamonds? We can help because of current high demand and our global network of clients. When you are ready, we will make an appointment for you with our specialists who will evaluate your diamond while you wait. Payment is immediate and completely confidential. Visit our diamonds page to learn more.

If you are selling gold, silver, or scrap gold, you have come to the right place. There is nothing more satisfying to us than saving perfectly good estate jewelry from being melted down. Because we repurpose or refurbish older, out of style or or worn jewelry, we will pay you the highest prices when you are selling scrap gold. The Albany Times Union went undercover to see who paid the most when they were selling scrap gold and proved it was us. Not only that, but if we can sell your jewelry for more than the gold value or breakdown value, we will pay you more too. That’s just the right thing to do.

Fine jewelry of all types has always been a specialty (and a passion!) of ours. Whether created 5 years ago or 500 years ago, we will help you find an appreciative new home for your treasures when you are selling jewelry, selling antique jewelry, or selling vintage jewelry. Do you have many pieces? We will do a thorough and prompt job in a surprisingly short amount of time. Clients selling jewelry to us are pleasantly surprised at the ease of the evaluation and the value received. Do you have a box (or many large boxes) of old costume jewelry that has come down through the family? We found a $10,000 fancy yellow diamond ring for a client in their box of “Costume” jewelry that was going to go into the garage sale! We also paid a pleasantly surprising high price for the actual costume jewelry in the box.