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Tag: China

WAMC’s Vox Pop with Ray Graf, September 10th, 2019

WAMC’s Vox Pop with Ray Graf Mark Lawson Antiques, Jewelry & Coin call in show Episode 5, September 10, 2019 Source: WAMC’s Vox Pop Antiques 09/10/2019   We had another interesting and enjoyable hour with Ray on V talking about a large collection of Chinese antiques we are cataloguing, historical autographed...

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The Chinese Ding Bowl: Could It Happen To You?

Three years ago in March, the world was fascinated to learn that an incredibly rare Chinese Ding bowl sold at auction for $2.2 million after being discovered at a local yard sale for $3. The now famous Chinese bowl was crafted 1,000 years ago during the Northern Song dynasty. “Ding” wares are celebrated among collectors for their delicately thin carved walls, feather light weight, and fluid naturalistic...

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Chinese Jade: Prized Gemstone of Imperial China

Jade is a beautiful gemstone often used for jewelry and sculpture, but is there more to jade than meets the eye? For centuries, cultures around the world have associated jade with spiritual and healing powers. Because of its green color, jade is also a symbol of good luck and friendship. The English word jade is derived from a Spanish term meaning “loin stone” because it was used by traditional...

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