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Paul Stankard art glass paperweight

Art Glass Paperweights by Paul Stankard

Paul Stankard art glass paperweightWe recently came across an art glass paperweight by the renowned American artist Paul Stankard. These paperweights are masterpieces of glassblowing and command very attractive prices in today’s market; we’re always pleased to see one of these beautiful works of art. Paul Stankard is considered by many to be a living master in the art of the paperweight.

Born in 1943, Paul Stankard began his glassblowing career by creating scientific instruments for chemical laboratories. He began producing glass paperweights in his spare time to fulfill his creative drive, moving to working as an artist full time after an internationally respected art dealer happened to see his early paperweights at a craft exhibit on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Paul Stankard art glass paperweightA paperweight made by Paul Stankard is immediately recognizable by the remarkably lifelike designs suspended within. Stankard is often considered the father of modern art glass paperweights. Before him, floral art glass paperweights usually featured brightly colored, botanically incorrect designs. Stankard dedicated himself to creating highly detailed, highly realistic creations. The extraordinary lifelike depiction of plants, flowers, and insects is a remarkable achievement in glassblowing.

The artistry evident in these paperweights make them desirable to collectors, with a strong presence in the current market. Do you collect paperweights? Who is your favorite artist in glass?

Paul Stankard art glass paperweightPaul Stankard art glass paperweightPaul Stankard art glass paperweight







For more on Paul Stankard, you can visit his website, or click here to watch a CBS Sunday Morning segment on his life and work.



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