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Pocket Watches: The Value of Nostalgia

 Pocket watches were one of the most popular collectibles 15 to 20 years ago. Many people had fond memories of sitting with their grandfather and playing with or being shown his pocket watch, and it was traditional to pass these keepsakes down through the family. In the 1920s, the wristwatch began to replace the cumbersome pocket watch in popularity and by the 1950s pocket watches were a thing of...

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Precision Swiss Timepieces: An Antique Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

A client brought us this beautiful Patek Philippe pocket watch in 2014, just in time to coincide with the renowned company’s 175th Anniversary. Patek Philippe is considered among the most prestigious of luxury Swiss brands and is respected for creating some of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made. The company’s origins lie in Geneva, Switzerland. Antoni Patek began making...

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