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Tag: militaria

A Brief History of Antique Japanese Swords

Inspired by swords imported from China and Korea, Japanese swords first appeared after 200 CE, the finest of which emerged in approximately 700 CE under the direction of Amakuni, a legendary swordsmith from the Yamato Province. In reaction to civil wars, skirmishes to attain and retain leadership, invasions from Korea and China, and Japanese invasions of Korea and China that necessitated exceptional...

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Battleship Nagato Japanese Naval Ensign Flag

Military memorabilia and collectibles continues to be an area of great interest to collectors. Original wartime items such as weapons, medals, field gear, flags, uniforms, etc., can be very desirable. We recently sold an original World War II Imperial Japanese flag from the battleship Nagato for a client for $1,800. The Nagato was the flagship of the Imperial Japanese fleet during World War II,...

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