Month: November 2016

Serving Up Local History: Saratoga Chips

Saratoga chip serving spoon - Whiting sterling silver, Empire pattern
The holiday season is upon us! As our thoughts turn towards warm gatherings of friends and families around the table, let’s take a look at Saratoga Springs’ most famous family recipe: the Saratoga chip. The history of Saratoga chips is controversial, passed down word-of-mouth through local legend and lore, embellished by some sources, disputed hotly by others. Although many of the specifics...

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Appraisal & Buying Event at the Amsterdam Century Club

Buy Sell Gold Silver Jewelry Coins Diamonds Antiques Amsterdam NY
Come see us Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at the Century Club of Amsterdam for an Appraisal & Buying Event. Discover the value of that family heirloom, the mysterious painting that has always been on the wall or the old sword your grandfather said came from Japan. Receive top professional prices for those old pieces of jewelry you never wear, the silver coins that have been sitting in a drawer...

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