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Chinese, Indian, & Islamic Antiques

Oriental Antiques

Industrial expansion and interest in older items by China’s burgeoning upper middle class have made oriental antiques from the region valuable in the marketplace. There is also a growing market for antique objects from the Indian subcontinent as well as the Islamic world. We often purchase antique:

  • Porcelain and pottery
  • Ivory
  • Chinese cloisonne enamel and lacquerware
  • Chinese, Indian, and Islamic embroideries
  • Rugs and textiles
  • Chinese rank badges
  • Fine jade items
  • Paintings, prints, and other artwork

Antique Japanese Woodblock Print Fine Oriental Jade JewelryCloisonne Oriental Antique Vases

Monumental Oriental Chinese Vase Antique Oriental Antique Cinnabar Tea Caddy Antique Oriental Poreclain Lamp