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Some of our most exciting finds include rare artwork & estate jewelry.

Part of what is exciting and fun about this business is seeing the amazing things wonderful people bring in. You never know what can be hiding up in an attic or in the garage. Here are a few of our favorite finds.

Mark Lawson Antiques News: Alfred Thompson Bricher Seascape Painting

Alfred Thompson Bricher Framed Oil Painting: professional conservation, oil painting cleaning & restorationI was called down to a family home in Guilderland one day to look at a painting. The elderly man and woman had been shipped this very large piece in a box when a distant relation died 30 years before. They promptly put it in the garage behind an old refrigerator and left it there. It needed cleaning badly, but was still identifiable as a superb Hudson River School painting by Alfred Thompson Bricher. We provided proper conservation and cleaning and were able to get the happy family $130,000 for this beautiful ocean vista of Grand Manan Island off the coast of Maine. -ML


Mark Lawson Antiques news


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