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Author: Renee Morgan

Louis Vuitton: The Evolution of a Trunk Maker

Written by Elyse Shapiro   The Louis Vuitton LV monogram has become one of the most globally recognized insignias. Whether it was seen on a trunk, coat, bag, shoes, or a knockoff, everyone seems familiar with the mark. It is hard to imagine that Louis Vuitton’s history started with humble beginnings when looking at the brand’s colossal success today. A selection of Louis Vuitton items...

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Frankart & Nuart: Innovators of Everyday Art Deco Design

At Mark Lawson Antiques, we are endlessly excited to see the array of treasures folks bring in for evaluation. Though we are fortunate to see a potpourri of beautiful items every day, we take special delight in evaluating and buying Art Deco antiques of any kind. The form and style of Art Deco pieces are almost as popular now as when they first debuted in the 1920s. It is easy to understand why....

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Adore & Adorn: Vintage Native American Silver Jewelry

At Mark Lawson Antiques, we appreciate and enjoy style, artistry, and craftsmanship. Though we are fortunate enough to see an array of beautiful antique items every day, we take special delight in evaluating and buying Southwest Native American jewelry. This traditional type of jewelry developed in part through contact with Spanish Colonials of Mexico and trade with early European fur trappers....

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Toys on the Move: Mechanical Tin Lithographs

    Wind-up tin lithographs are wonderful examples of the type of collectible toys that clients bring to Mark Lawson Antiques. The most common kinds that we see are automobiles, motorcycles, amusement park rids, popular entertainment characters, and robots. Wind-up mechanical toys have surprisingly uncomplicated inner workings but their form and decoration are incredibly variable. It...

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