Month: March 2016

The Chinese Ding Bowl: Could It Happen To You?

Three years ago in March, the world was fascinated to learn that an incredibly rare Chinese Ding bowl sold at auction for $2.2 million after being discovered at a local yard sale for $3. The now famous Chinese bowl was crafted 1,000 years ago during the Northern Song dynasty. “Ding” wares are celebrated among collectors for their delicately thin carved walls, feather light weight, and fluid naturalistic...

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Art Glass Paperweights by Paul Stankard

Paul Stankard art glass paperweight
We recently came across an art glass paperweight by the renowned American artist Paul Stankard. These paperweights are masterpieces of glassblowing and command very attractive prices in today’s market; we’re always pleased to see one of these beautiful works of art. Paul Stankard is considered by many to be a living master in the art of the paperweight. Born in 1943, Paul Stankard began his...

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