Month: August 2015

The High Rock Spring Flows Back to Life

Stereoview of the High Rock Spring in Saratoga Springs
The High Rock Spring is one of the oldest and most enduring symbols of Saratoga Springs. According to local lore, healing properties of the mineral-rich waters drew the Native Americans of the region to take advantage of its strengthening properties. Some time during the 1700s, white men added their own part to the spring’s legend. The first documented white man to take the waters was Sir...

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A Brief History of Antique Japanese Swords

Antique Japanese Swords: 19th Century Japanese Katana
Inspired by swords imported from China and Korea, Japanese swords first appeared after 200 CE, the finest of which emerged in approximately 700 CE under the direction of Amakuni, a legendary swordsmith from the Yamato Province. In reaction to civil wars, skirmishes to attain and retain leadership, invasions from Korea and China, and Japanese invasions of Korea and China that necessitated exceptional...

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Restoring the William Aiken Walker Painting

William Aiken Walker - After
An uncommon William Aiken Walker painting was the show-stopping surprise of our speaking event at the Malta Community Center in May this year. The painting is a beautiful example of Walker’s larger works on canvas and was a really nice find to end the day. As happens with many antiques, however, the years had not let the painting escape entirely unscathed. The William Aiken Walker painting...

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